Outside my window… it’s still dark, and I can see a few lights twinkling along the horizon.

I am thinking… of a friend of R’s, a very special young woman from our homeschool group who just passed away. Despite living with constant pain and a body that greatly limited what she was able to do, she truly lived her life.  I’m happy that she’s free from her pain ravaged body, but so sad too… she will be greatly missed.

I am thankful…that R had a good birthday yesterday, and for the neighbors who stopped by during the day, bringing gifts… such a nice surprise for R.

In the kitchen…we are drowning in sweets! A neighbor brought over some yummy banana muffins for us, R requested a birthday dinner of chocolate chip pancakes, and instead of birthday cake she wanted lemon meringue pie….yikes! Quick, get the salt and vinegar chips, it’s way too sweet around here!

I am creating… I’m working on E’s old dining room chairs, so I guess I’m creating (or re-creating) something functional.

I am going… maybe nowhere today… what a shock. ;) I thought M’s swallowing study was today (so I kept today open) but when I double checked the date I see that it’s tomorrow.Yay!!

I am reading… Deadline by Sandra Brown… I found it at the library the other day and it looked good.

I am hoping… M is more settled today.

I am learning… some new tunes in a mandolin book my brother got me.

Around the house…I should give the bathrooms a good cleaning, and need to get the laundry caught up… today might be a good day for both those things.

One of my favorite things… sweater weather, like today.

A few plans for the rest of the week… M has a swallowing study tomorrow, Thursday is his worksite and a get-together with the neighbors, and Friday is the kid’s RCC homecoming dance.

Rather than share a photo I thought I’d close this with a favorite quote…


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Outside my window…  although it’s after 6 it’s still dark, very dark as the sky covered with a thick layer of clouds dark… and it’s raining. Again. (or maybe still) No flooding here, thank goodness, and I’ve never been more thankful for a barn with a huge hay loft to keep our hay, and animals, out of the weather.

I am thinking… about how nice the quiet of the early morning is.

I am thankful… for the blessings of the “ordinary” days we’ve been having.

In the kitchen… I made rellenos and a big pot of green chili last night. Mmmm….my favorite dinner!

I am creating… I’ve been working to replenish my supply of knitted dishcloths (almost 4 done, I’d like to make another one or two) and working on learning some new mando tunes from the book my brother sent me. The book is Christmas music with “variations”; more complex arrangements and fingerings added to the simple old melodies. I’m having way too much fun working my way through the old familiar and old but new-to-me Christmas carols.

I am going… to brave the rain and go do the barn work in a minute. We’ve gone from 90+ degrees last week to needing to bundle up in a coat and big rain slicker this week. No I’m not complaining… this works for me. :)

I am hoping… M’s “movie night with the guys” tonight works out. He’s been so looking forward to having a couple of friends over to watch “guy” movies and hang out. I hope the rain doesn’t throw a damper on the evening.

I am looking forward to… taking the kids for a day trip next week to the Pikes Peak Cog Railway. I was hoping to do it this week, but  it’s been TOO rainy. Next week should be perfect.

I am learning… some new mando tunes. Note to fingers: limber and quicken up!

Around the house… I’ve started working on a game table a bought a month or two ago. It’s a little rough now, and still in the “repair” stage of things… I’ll share pictures later.

I am pondering… no pondering this morning, brain isn’t awake enough yet. :)

A few plans for the rest of the weekend… finish shopping for daughter K’s birthday, get some movies for M and his buddies to watch tonight, Special Olympics bowling tomorrow, and a quiet stay home day on Sunday.

A peek into my day…


rain chimes doing their thing...


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Outside my window… The sun isn’t up yet, and the trees are casting silhouettes of their shapes against the dove gray of the predawn sky.

I am thinking… too much… my thoughts have been working overtime all week.

I am thankful… for so much… a safe, secure home, my children.. all safe and doing well, my husband and family… so many blessings.

In the kitchen… kitchen, what’s that? After eating out TOO MUCH for a week while we had company in and out and events to celebrate, I’m rediscovering my kitchen and enjoying making my own dinner for a change.

I am creating… I”m knitting up a few dishcloths (but that doesn’t really count as “creating”), I’m drawing plans for the barn art for the shed, and working on a new mando tune: Delahunty’s Hornpipe.

I am going…to have a busy couple of days… I have to pick up S this evening, B (dd#2) is coming for dinner, M, R and S have Special Olympics bowling in the morning (early!) followed by a shift working a booth at the Smokin’ Brew BBQ event in town. By tomorrow afternoon we’ll be collapsing with heat and tiredness…

I am hoping… the visit with S goes well. She has so much anger over all that has happened to her, it’s hard for everyone when it bubbles over the surface.

I am looking forward to… Sunday… the first day of September… my all time favorite month of the year!

Around the house… I haven’t been working around the house much this summer, it’s been all outside work… I’m eager to move back to inside work as the weather cools.

A peek into my day…

a deer and her fawn peeking at me through the bushes




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August 9, 2013


Outside my window… the sun is up, it’s a cool morning with everything still smelling fresh and clean from last night’s rain.

I am thinking… about M’s birthday in a couple of weeks… feeling happy it’s all planned and purchased for.

I am thankful… to feel well. After getting a super nasty virus over last weekend, it’s taken me most of the week to feel like myself again!

In the kitchen…I’ve got navy beans soaking for soup tonight. I’ll have to stop and buy a ham hock at the store later to add to it… I do love soup.

I am creating… it doesn’t feel like much of anything… although I did find a new tune on the mando I like and have been trying to learn.

I am going… to town later to drop of M’s blood work. I need to draw his blood today (I’m a few days late) and get it dropped at the hospital, I’ve also got a package to mail to K in Ghana so I’ll be swinging by the post office too.

I am wondering… if the hay guy is going to show up, if it’s good hay, if he can back his semi trailer into the barn without running into something. Sigh… I’ll be happy when the hay search is over for the year!

I am reading… So Much For That by Lionel Schriver. K (dd#3) wanted me to read it because she is curious what I think of it. So far (100 pages in) I’m lukewarm about it in general… and parts I’m having a hard time with. It is an interesting read though..

I am hoping… the hay guy shows up (do you notice a theme here?)

I am learning…. a new tune on the Mandolin, Off She Goes

A few plans for the rest of the week(end)… quiet day Saturday, maybe barn sit for the alpacas next door if their humans decide to go out of town, then pick up S for the big Special Olympics party on Sunday, I can’t wait, it should be a lot of fun.

A peek into my day…a few barn pictures from early this morning

swirling dust (from dirty low quality hay)

and me in the doorway…

I liked the difference between the dark shadowy areas and the bright, early morning sunlight on the wood pallets



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Outside my window…

The sun is just coming up, there is a blanket of low clouds covering most of the sky, and it smells like rain.  The grass, gardens, and trees are mid-summer green, and the yard is alive with birds and a few rabbits. Thankfully the fierce wind of the past few days has stopped…

After writing this post, I went outside and feel that, in the interests of full disclosure, I should update what’s “outside my window”

Outside my window… the updated version:  The sun is up, the blanket of clouds from earlier is breaking up, and  it smells like rain because I left the hose on last night. Everything is nice and green, and the yard is full of birds including a dead robin by the birdbath that I will have to dispose of before I can let the dogs out. In addition to the rabbits enjoying their breakfast (I’ve got plenty of lettuce in the garden…) apparently a skunk has just visited because the air outside, and inside, the house suddenly reeks of his irritability. Thankfully the wind has stopped but not before blowing one of the roof joists off the shed. ;)

I am thinking…

…about doing some furniture rearranging, and wondering what to do with a certain massive roll top desk that I’m babysitting. I want the space it’s in for something else… there must be somewhere I can move it.

I am thankful…

…that all my “chicks” are healthy and safe. It’s funny how you don’t stop worrying about them once they reach adulthood.

In the kitchen…

M’s gastroparesis has been flaring up this week and he’s been pretty sick off and on so I’m having to be VERY careful about what he eats. I think I might put some chicken in the crock pot for soup tonight, he should be able to digest chicken soup.

I am creating…

I’ve got several projects in the works, I’m not sure what I’m going to start first. I really could use a few cold rainy days to help jump start these inside projects.

I am going…

… to mostly stay home today if I can get away with it. M gets so unsettled when we aren’t going and doing, but it’s been such a busy week (and the weekend will be a busy one) that we could use some time at home.


I am reading…

…another oldie I picked up at the thrift store. Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert Massie. I read and loved this book as a teenager and thought it would be fun to read it again. (And it is!)

I am hoping…

M’s GI system settles down again soon so can start eating more normally (for him) and isn’t so angry and irritable about food.

Around the house…

We’re still working on the shed, it’s coming along… but slowly… roof joists are going up now with plywood to hopefully follow this weekend. Then the roof can go on!

One of my favorite things…

A nice cup of Barry’s tea to start the day.

A few plans for the rest of the week…

I’m hoping to get the last of the thistles in the gully cut down today and get some serious school done this afternoon. S is coming tomorrow for the movie in the park, and an overnight. I think we’ll probably wander through the Farmer’s Market on Sunday before taking her home.


A peek into my day…

… rain chimes in the early morning sun.


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For today

June 28,2013

Outside my window… the sun is shining, the birds are gathered around the feeders enjoying their breakfast, the sprinklers in the back yard are going…it’s a beautiful early morning.


I am thinking… of how nice it is to have a *mostly* stay home day after the past two busy weeks.


I am thankful… for the countless blessings all around me.


In the kitchen… it’s been too hot to get very excited about cooking lately, although I did make some pizza dough last night and made one big pizza for our dinner, and froze the rest of the dough for dinner another night.


I am creating… music on my mandolin. I didn’t get to play yesterday though, I missed it… I’ll have to catch up today! ;)


I am going… to take R and S into Denver this evening for the Miss Colorado Pageant. They are participating as “special princesses” and will each escort one of the Miss Colorado contestants onstage and then do a little introduction with them. It will be a very fun, VERY girly evening.


I am reading… still Chesapeake by Michener (but I’ve read a few other things lately too…)


I am looking forward to… a weekend with no major events happening (graduations, Father’s Day, birthdays) just to enjoy hanging around the house.


Around the house… I’m still thinking about the shed roof. I think Joe wants to put up a gambrel roof, so I’m going to play around today with diagrams of how it might look. If the scale of the roof isn’t right, it’s going to look weird (there are a few weird looking gambrel roofs around here, I want to avoid that)… so I’ll be getting out the graph paper and working on scale today.


A favorite quote for today…Teach us to make the most of our time so that we may grow in wisdom. Psalm 90:12 I ran across this verse while reading through my notebook of favorite verses and quotes this morning… It’s been so hot I’ve been low on energy lately, it’s a good reminder to make good use of my time.


A peek into my day…

bunny “hiding” in the front yard thinking “If I pretend not to see you, will you pretend not to see me?”




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simple woman’s daybook


for today…

June 14, 2013

Outside my window… the day is new and soft, the sun not up get from behind the hill to the east… there is a light layer of clouds drifting high across the sky and a darker layer of smoke settled low on the horizon.

I am thinking… that I don’t have much time on the computer this morning, my neighbor will be dropping off her dog (for dog sitting) at 7:30

I am thankful for… the cool of the morning.

From the learning rooms… lots of life skills learning going on. M is learning to use the cash register at one of his worksites and has been checking people out regularly (with supervision) and R attended a training (on her own!) last night for the VBS school she’ll be working at all next week.

From the kitchen… it’s been too hot to get too excited about cooking, although last night’s stir fry chicken and veggies was good. Honestly though. I would have been just as happy with ice cream for dinner.

I am wearing… capris and a tee shirt… my summer “uniform”

I am creating… music with the sweet little mandolin my brother gave me. After learning several new instruments the past few years I think I’ve found my favorite…

I am going…  to church later this morning for one of M’s volunteer jobs, then down to town to the new music store. I stopped in yesterday for the first time and love the place! they are going to restring my mando.

I am reading… Chesapeake by James Mitchener

I am hearing… the birds squabbling over the bird feeder, crickets outside the kitchen window, the tick of the clock

Around the house… I’m in between projects, the trim work is done and I think my next little project will be painting the upstairs hallway and replacing the overhead light.

One of my favorite things… the quiet of the morning

A few plans for the rest of the week… busy end of the week, in addition to Father’s Day (and Joe’s birthday next week) we’re taking care of the alpaca farm next door while our neighbors are on vacation, and watching E’s (dd#1) pets while they are out of town, tomorrow is the long awaited Parker Days Festival (R literally waits all year for our one day at the festival!) and the kids have been invited with walk in the parade this year with the St Joseph Kaffee Haus community. LOTS of fun, but a super busy week.

A picture I’m sharing…

fledgling robin on the front porch railing



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