Harvest fest and Tripping the light snacktastic

Saturday was perfect for taking Grandma to the Littleton museum harvest festival.

They had the two farms set up with different activities. The 1860′s farm had a pumpkin patch, pig roast and hay ride, the 1890′s farm had a county fair atmosphere going on, with games, so we went there first.

When you played a game and won you got a paper token that you could trade in for a prize. When Hannah saw the wooden slingshot, she went around the booths finding the best game to win at, turns out that was the milk bottle game.

Grandma played a ring game and spun a wheel while guessing odd or even numbers.

I won a few extra tokens and got her a chicken paddle. (It looks like this.)


She had seen a little boy running by with one and remarked on how she had a game like that when she was a kid, which I don’t doubt. James took her by the chicken judging and Hannah found the cotton candy.

Bethany and Grace went in search of apple cider and pumpkin spice cupcakes, they decided they didn’t want to waste tickets on games when there was food to be had. We wandered around the farm, checking out their Victory garden produce.

They made a really good ginger pear jelly, I might have to try that. Hannah won her slingshot and was happy about it.

We walked by the pier and then headed inside to see the exhibits.

They have a really good exhibit about WWII going on right now. Lots of uniforms, WAC’s and WAVE’s stuff and displays about the war.

We took Grandma to lunch at the French bistro near her home. It was a nice place, a little hard to get a wheelchair into, but she liked the soup and quiche. She wasn’t ready to go back to her place, but we had to go to Duck, Duck, Dupe, so we dropped her off and she went around showing off her chickens. We had a few minutes at home and then we headed to Buntport for the show. Today’s theme was snacks. Two stories are true, one is made up..can you spot the dupe?

Story one – Back in 2012 some Canadian thieves had a great idea. There was a warehouse full of barrels of delicious maple syrup, they wanted the syrup.

So, they devised a plan. They rented a warehouse next door and before you could say ‘aboot’ they had hoses sucking syrup from barrels next door into their barrels.

Soon they had 6 million pounds of the sticky stuff and were loading up trucks full of it to go sell on the black market. Unfortunately, they were really loud thieves, plus there was a trail of syrup leading to their hideout and they were caught….sticky handed. (But not before some of the syrup made it onto the black market!)

Story two – In France the royal chef had a problem. No matter what he cooked, the King didn’t like it, the King was starving. Many chefs had come before and tried to make food the King liked, but they ended up going ‘poof’ when the King ordered them to disappear.

But, what could the chef make? He had tried pate’ and duck a l’orange, but nothing was good enough for the King. The chef was up for one more try and ordered steaks and meats and wonderful vegetables from the local grocer. But, when the grocer arrived all he had was eggs and bread. Disaster! What could one make with eggs and bread? The chef started cooking and decided to dip the bread in the egg and fry it to a golden brown.

It was delivered to the King and….he loved it! He loved it so much that he came down to the kitchen to tell the chef how wonderful the eggy bread was. That’s when the chef saw that their King was a child!

Well. no wonder he didn’t like pate’. The King ordered that this new food become the ‘toast’ of the town and French toast was born!

Story three – Back in 1919 a New York Yankee made himself famous. No, he wasn’t Babe Ruth, he was Ping Bodie. Never heard of him? He was a player on the team with the Babe and was getting irritated with all the news reporters wanting to know about Babe, how was it playing on the same team as him, what was he like….never any questions aimed at Ping about Ping.

So, he set off to make a name for himself by having an eating contest with an ostrich. Yes, he went man to ostrich in a spaghetti eating contest. The ostrich was known for its voracious appetite, but Ping Bodie knew he could best him. And he did, after 11 plates of spaghetti Percy the ostrich passed out and Ping Bodie won.

Fame and fortune was not to come though, more people were rooting for the ostrich.

So, which is the dupe?

Story 1?

Story 2?

Story 3?

If you guessed that France never made French toast its official eggy bread by King’s decree….you’re right!

It is true that in 2012 Canadian thieves tried to steal 6 million pounds of maple syrup and they did steal some of it. The police tracked down the thieves and recovered 2/3rds of the stolen syrup.


That means that 1/3 of the stolen goods are now canned and sitting on a shelf somewhere, maybe in the US. So watch out for the cans of stolen maple syrup, if you think you have a can call the police in Quebec, they will want it back!

And, it is true that a NY Yankee player, Francito Sanguenitta Pezzolo (later changing his name to Ping Bodie to sound more American), did have an eating contest with an ostrich. He did eat 11 plates of spaghetti and he did win, but it didn’t make him famous. (By some accounts the ostrich died, by other accounts he just passed out.) And it was true that he was annoyed at the reporters who kept asking about his teammate and bunk-mate Babe Ruth. Bodie finished his career with the Yankees and went on to be an electrician in Hollywood. He dabbled in acting, but I can’t find him listed in IMDB, so if he did star in anything he was unaccredited.

Hannah put her name in to play the lightning round and she was picked! She had 3 quick stories: that the guy that invented Doritos has Doritos chips sprinkled on his grave, that Cheetos dust is used as eye shadow, or that the Pringles inventor is buried in a Pringles can coffin. Turns out number 2 is the dupe (I really thought it was #3, really, he’s buried in a giant Pringles can? Yep.) She won this duck.

Clouds and Improv

We saw this awesome thunder cloud cell on the way to the improv show.

It was an advancing cold front that knocked the temperature from 93 to 71 in the course of an hour. We were glad to see Joe back at the show, the past few times we’d gone, he wasn’t there. We were late because of traffic, so we only saw about 40 minutes of the show. In this sketch Joe did a flip and exploded if the word ‘fireman’ was said, he had a panic attack if people chewed with their mouths open and he got nauseous if someone touched him (thank the audience for those suggestions.)

Another sketch that we love is the emotion one.

The audience calls out various emotions and then an activity and the actors have to change emotions whenever the bell rings – it gets pretty crazy.

We ate dinner after the show and on the way there I got some more cloud pictures.