Clouds and Improv

We saw this awesome thunder cloud cell on the way to the improv show.

It was an advancing cold front that knocked the temperature from 93 to 71 in the course of an hour. We were glad to see Joe back at the show, the past few times we’d gone, he wasn’t there. We were late because of traffic, so we only saw about 40 minutes of the show. In this sketch Joe did a flip and exploded if the word ‘fireman’ was said, he had a panic attack if people chewed with their mouths open and he got nauseous if someone touched him (thank the audience for those suggestions.)

Another sketch that we love is the emotion one.

The audience calls out various emotions and then an activity and the actors have to change emotions whenever the bell rings – it gets pretty crazy.

We ate dinner after the show and on the way there I got some more cloud pictures.

tRUNks {The Final Episode, #103}

But, before that…we had Grandma over and had lunch with her. Then James got her an e-mail account and showed her how to send e-mails by comparing it with a typewriter and an in/out box on your desk.

We will see if we can get her acquainted with the computer at the assisted living home and then she can e-mail everyone (letters with no stamps! Imagine!) We dropped her off and donned our capes for the final performance of tRUNks at Buntport.

All good things must end and so we joined our crime fighting crusader friends: Trixie the Germ, Walter the Volt and Scott the Amazonian Scottish Parrot Psychologist (and our favorite evil/good character The Maniac) for a final story.

From the Buntport Narrator: Episode 7 (Star Wars VI: The Return Of The Jedi) by George Lucas):

Walter (Luke Skywalker) Cosmic, Scott (Princess Leia) Parrot, PJ (CP3O) Truddfeldt, Fartoo, and Wookie sneak into Big Mama Jabba Wookie’s place, where the popsicled Trixie (Han Solo) Truddfeldt is on display. Scott unfreezes his gal-pal in short order, but before they can get away, the afore-mentioned BMJW shows up, and summons her minions to capture them. Well, Walter says that’s part of his plan, and he uses his groove (and a Bantha call) to scare the bad guys away. TTFN, BMJW. They get back to the rebel base, where the Maniac (GENERAL Maniac, if you please) and Admiral Awkward Man tell them about a hatching plan: Darth Bumfuzzler is rebuilding the Mild Thang VAT, probably because that’s easier than figuring out a new way to rule the universe. Off the team goes to find and destroy the new VAT, but Walter takes a pass, saying he senses (the groove thing again) he should walk his own path. The others’ search for the VAT takes them to Forest Moon Where Trees Are Not For Touching, where they get separated through various stumbling moves.

PJ and Trixie are captured by some Pig-things (less cute than the teddy bear things from the movie, but pretty cute in their own way), who decide to eat them. Elsewhere on the planet, Wookie, Maniac, and Awkward Man find the VAT, but instead of destroying it manage to fall in, and they become mild. Big change for Maniac, not so much for Wookie and AM. Meanwhile, Walter sneaks into Team Bad space station, and faces off with his mom, Darth Bumfuzzler. Back as forth they go: “Get with the mild, kid” … “You used to be fun, mom, what happened to us?” etc. Walter starts to win, as DB starts to loosen up a bit. Enter Mild Thang, taking matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Trixie and PJ are about become the main course for the Pig-things, when Scott reappears.

Turns out the Pig-things and other Forest Moon creatures worship him (maybe it’s the hair buns and toga). Scott saves the day, just by showing up! Off they go to destory the VAT. Back at the Team Bad space station, Mild Thang is gaining the upper hand over Walter … until Darth Bumfuzzler turns the tables and dumps glitter on her. So much for Mild Thang — no one covered in glitter can stay mild. Back at the moon, the rebels found the VAT — and witness a hoard of mild zombies. Everyone but Trixie begins to succumb to the VAT’s influence. Enter Walter, he and Trixie get down like they’ve been doing every other Saturday for eight seasons, and no one — I SAID NO ONE — is going to stay mild under that sort of entertainment!

Hugs all around, and thanks for all the great times.

After the show we gave Jessica, Mitch and Jack paper flowers that we had made with some of our favorite tRUNks photos through the years.

It was an awesome end. Thanks so much to the creative people at Buntport who came up with episode after episode to tickle our funny bones.

But, it’s not the end for family plays at Buntport. Starting on March 23 they will be running a new show called ‘Duck, duck, dupe.’ (Come dressed as a duck and get $1 off.) They will show 3 short plays, 2 are real and one is made up (2 are based on a real story that is.) The audience has to guess which story is the made up one. There probably won’t be any superheroes or capes and gold tights, but it’s sure to be fun. You can go here to RSVP for the shows.