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I always feel rushed on Monday’s now that dance starts at 1. We should be done with school by 12, have lunch and be out the door by 12:40, but I’ve been having trouble doing that. Our on-line school was off and on this morning, but it’s always like that during count week (when the kids who are on-line are counted for attendance purposes.) It gets worse on 10/1, the actual count day and I heard a theory that people who don’t like on-line schools are flooding the servers bringing them down, but I think that’s just a theory. More likely is the fact that every kid using K12 is actually logging on and doing their work on-line, thus overloading the server (because not all of the work is on-line, but during count week you need to be on-line doing items that are only found on-line…if that makes sense.)

Our homework from last week for dance was to look at the old and new covenant from 2 Corinthians 3. In the old covenant the letter of the law was written in stone, the glory from the Lord was fleeting and mortal, a veil was put over the heart, there was death at the end. In the new covenant the Spirit of Christ is written on our hearts, the glory is eternal, a veil is lifted and there if life at the end. This week we were talking about the tearing of the veil at the temple when Jesus died. It is no coincidence that the hours of darkness that filled the earth were the same hours the the priest was preparing the lamb for the sacrifice on the day of atonement. When the priest was ready to slaughter the lamb, Jesus cried, ‘It is finished’ and the veil at the temple separating the Holy of Holies was torn in two. There was no more need for a sacrifice to cover sins, it was done.

We got started on our dances this week, my class has ‘Blessed Redeemer’ by Casting Crowns. Hannah’s song is called ‘Day after Day’ and Grace doesn’t know the name of her song. We were going to play tennis after dance, but a storm rolled in and it rained hard. Streets were flooding and the pond by the dog park was way over its banks, that’s what happens here when we get a lot of rain in a short amount of time. It continued to rain all evening, we went to the gym to swim and it was raining when we got out. I don’t mind the rain, I hope it rains all night so that it is sunny tomorrow for the park.

Dance day

Back to school. Bethany was doing English today, lots of writing. Grace was doing Math and History. Hannah was reading and did some Math. We tried on ballet shoes and found that Hannah needed to wear Grace’s and Grace needs new ones, but for today she was wearing Bethany’s old ones. Our dance times moved, so now we need to be there at 1 and 2 instead of 3 and 4.

I had class first, there were 3 other ladies in it. So, a really small class. I think the date came faster than people were expecting, so maybe we will have a few more people by next week. Grace’s class is huge, 13 kids, I think a few of them might get moved to another class because of their age. Hannah’s class has 11, which is also pretty big. The theme of this session is ‘knowing truth’. We were talking today about two truths of God, that He is infinitely awesome and that He is intimately approachable. We started with Romans 8:31-32 Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. 32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Our homework is to list who God is and what He has done, so that’s going to be a long list.

(Can’t read her shirt? It says, ‘I am currently unsupervised. I know, it freaks me out too. But the possibilities are endless!’)

Hannah’s homework was to make a poem about who God is, so far she’s been writing down things she knows about God like: He never lies, He is bigger than the mountains, He doesn’t have to stretch or do the splits (I’m guessing she doesn’t like the new stretches and splits she’s doing in class.) I’m thinking the ‘never has to stretch’ isn’t going to make it into the poem…mainly because I’m pretty sure that Jesus stretched when he woke up in the morning.

Grace has to find a verse on who God is, that is a pretty easy task.

Bethany had an ortho appointment and I went by to get the oil changed in the car. They thought I was back too early, but we did just travel about 3,000 miles, so I thought the car might like a new air filter, new wipers and new oil.

It was TNO tonight, so I had dinner at Whole foods while James took the girls to the mall. Some plans for the week: park day, a visit to the botanic gardens, scientific illustrating with professors as guides at CU and for the weekend maybe an Oktoberfest or a sugar beet fest.


We went to church, then took a picnic lunch to Flyin’ B park. The water was so clear we could see the fish. Most of them were small, but we did see one big fish that was a little wary of the bread we were throwing in. I think that’s because it’s a catch and release pond, so who knows how many times he got caught that day. We went on the other side of the pond to see if there were any bullfrogs, there were and he heard us coming and splashed into the pond. The crabapple trees were so full they were bending over and the bottom limbs were touching the ground. My jelly turned out good, so I don’t need to make any more, but it was tempting. Really though, how much crabapple jelly does one need?

I took a nap in the afternoon, James made tacos for dinner, we watched a Charlie Brown movie and called it a night.

We’re home!

I’ll be filling in the past few days in a bit. I’m also adding in videos, so if you already read a post below, go see if there is a video there now. I have some from the beach, aquarium and …. I think that’s it.

We had fun, it was great to meet Alex and Mrs. Maris in person, to see both aquariums, swim in the ocean, see whales and otters and explore around.

But, as always, we’re glad to be home! We missed the first snow in Denver, but it was light and gone now – so we’re ready for the next one.


Here is the awesome list of co-ops that my homeschool group is doing this session. I only have 4 classes I’m heading this session as we have a busy semester. (Mine are marked with an *)

04 TH Exploring Motion – Mouse Trap Car 1pm
05 F Around the Globe in 13 Works of Art 1:30-4:30
08 M Doktor Kaboom! Look Out Science is Coming 12 – 1PM
08 M Cliff Dwellings Museum Manitou Springs 1pm
09 TU Princess Party 10:00-12:00
10 W Mini Golf at Putter’s Pride 10:30 A.M.
11 TH Kick Ball 1pm
17 W Zombie Science-All About Decomposition 9am
18 TH Bird Banding 9:15am
18 TH Teens@Den Botanic Gardens-Catch Chihuly 2pm
18 TH Flaming Arrow Farm 1pm
20 SA Farms4Kids 12:30 – 2:30
21 SU Fall Equinox Hike 10:30 – Noon
21 SU History Club 3:30pm
23 TU Magic Tree House Book Club! 10:50-12PM
24 W Archery at Empty Quiver 1:00-3:00pm
25 TH Marvelous Matisse 2pm*
26 F Gold Panning 10am
29 M Miller Farms pick-your-own vegetables & play 9:15am

01 W DCPA: The Unsinkable Molly Brown 10a
04 SA Wine tasting and food pairing 2-5p
05 SU Tour Aquaponics facility 10-11:30a
06 M Bullies, Books & Backpacks/Family Awareness 10:30am
07 TU Exploring Motion – Building a Catapult 1pm
08 W Build, Build, Build 10am
09 TH Monster Mini Golf (glow in the dark) 2pm
10 F Teen Movie Night – The Maze Runner ~7pm
12 SU Punkin Chunkin Colorado 10am
13 M Whole Foods Rainbow Tour 10 am – 11am
14 TU ‘Oh Shakespeare – Who art thou?’ 11am*
14 TU Book Discussion Lord of the Flies 4pm
15 W El Dia de los Muertos: Calaveras de Azucar 10a
15 W El Dia de los Muertos: Catrina 10a
16 TH DMNS Whales Exhibit 11am
18 SA Colorado Springs Mini Maker Faire 10am
20 M Denver Botanical Gardens-Chihuly 10-2
21 TU Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Book and Movie 12pm
21 TU Math Game Night 6pm
22 W Archery at Empty Quiver 1pm
23 TH Theatre: Lord of the Flies 10am
23 TH Gourd Drum Making 1pm
27 M May Farm’s Corn Maze & 1900′s Farm Life 1:00pm
28 TU Halloween Party For Littles! 1:30-3 PM
28 TU Language Arts Game Night 6pm
29 W Movie: Dracula Untold – time TBD
30 TH BATS 1-2:30pm

01 SA Acid and Base Experiments 1pm
03 M Cheyenne Camp on the Prairie 1pm-3pm
04 TU Movie: Book of Life – time TBD
05 W Fall Hike at Lair O’ the Bear 10:30-12:30
08 SA Spooky Autumn Scavenger Hunt 1pm
09 SU Make your own Chai (adults) Botanical Gardens 1p
10 M Exploring Motion-Rubberband Powered airplane 1pm
12 W Tea with Molly Brown 10a
14 F CYT Presents PETER PAN 10am
17 M DU Field Sports and Ice Skating 10am
18 TU Mini-puppet theater 10:30am*
20 TH Winter Wonder Days 10am
24 M Thanksgiving Party For Littles 11-1PM

01 M Drawing I: Figure Drawing 10a
02 TU Fringe scarves and fancy bags 2:30*
03 W It really is a Wonderful Life! 1pm
05 F Calling all animal lovers! Tour – DDFL 2pm
06 SA Homemade Holiday Gifts 5:30-9:00
08 M Drawing II: Still Life 10a
10 W Natl Ice Core Lab Tour 12:45pm
15 M Drawing III: Landscapes 10a
17 W DMNS Silk Road Exhibit 11:30am
19 F Christmas Party For Littles! 1:30-3 PM

The end of the week

Yesterday was a busy school day. Bethany started 10th grade and had to do some tests and go into each of her courses and gather information and send each teacher a note about herself. She has English, Biology, Geometry, Government, Driver’s ed, FYP (like homeroom and career counseling) and Computer (but we’re trying to get that switched out since we don’t have the correct software for the course.)

Grace and Hannah went to the pool by themselves, something I just started allowing. James and I went to the gym after dinner and we ended the evening with a Big Bang show.

Tomorrow it’s more of the same for school. We need to try to get a schedule going for Bethany and she has to work ahead because of the missed days while in CA. Grace, Hannah and I are going to swim in the chutes in the afternoon, a good break.

The Monday

This morning we crowded the coffee shop with 5 Moms and 14 kids, it was slightly chaotic. I remember now why I set up a co-op chat there, James works from home on Mondays now and 2 hours with 14 kids in the house is not conducive to working. I answered questions about how co-op works in our HS group, got lots of good questions and hopefully gave lots of good answers. I have a feeling this is going to be a busy co-op session.

After that we booked it over to Heritage square for a DDC event. The older kids went on the alpine slide, the younger ones stayed and did rides in the amusement area.

Bethany was the only girl that went on the mountain slide, the rest were daredevil boys. That squiggly white line on the hill is the slide. I rode that slide when I was a kid. Way back when, on a trip to Yellowstone, we stopped in Golden and spent the day riding the slide and walking around the old town. I remember it was pretty cool. The kids have never been on the slide, so this was a great idea for a get together (none of the kids that rode down the slide today had ever been on it.)

There they go.

None of them were sure that they’d like it, then I got a call from Karl (the Dad that went up with them) saying that everyone wanted to go again, figures. Then the older kids did some of the smaller rides.

We ended with a go-cart race; we kept yelling for them to go faster, Bethany claimed she couldn’t hear us and drove at a medium pace.

It turned out to be the perfect day to go to Heritage, sunny and not that crowded.

From there I dropped the girls at home and took Hannah to the library for Chinese class. Today there were learning body parts, big/small and making a dragon lantern. They sang the ‘head and shoulders’ song, but in Chinese ‘head’ is ‘tou’ which sounds like ‘toe’ (and no, ‘toe’ is not ‘head’ though that would be funny.) We got home and had TV dinners for the girls while James and I went out to P.F. Changs. It was okay, I have to say that our local Little Hollys has them beat for best tasting Chinese food.

Tomorrow looks great weather wise, we’re going to be shooting arrows and swimming at a lake with friends.


A good morning, followed by a picnic lunch and dessert at LM’s. It was nice and sunny, so the crowd was out for ice cream.

We had malt whopper, salted Oreo X 2, salted caramel peanut butter cup and a vanilla shake.

We went back home and watched a bit of North by Northwest, it’s such a good movie. We wanted to go to the new exhibit opening at the MOA and decided that Grandma might like it.

They were serving Wahoo’s tacos for dinner and these cute cake ball cones.

Grandma was confused by the art, it’s modern, abstract and contemporary – yikes!

She kept asking what the stuff on the walls was….art?

Finally she gave up and just looked at stuff.

We stopped at Solid Grounds for coffee instead of having it at home and then bought more hearing aid batteries (want to make a bazillion dollars? Invest in hearing aid batteries, they last like a day before you have to change them out.) We dropped Grandma off at home and made it home before dusk. Mission accomplished.

DSL on the fritz

Because of the ‘rain’ our Internet is out until Tuesday (I’m posting this at Starbucks, so it’s not all bad….) Not that we haven’t had rain, but it was also out on Monday and James suspects that the current issue is a password issue and not a DSL issue, but then we don’t work for Century link, so there.

So, I am going to recycle some posts for the next few days. If you think, hey I’ve read that before! You probably have.