First time

After school I took Bethany for her first driving lesson in my van. We went to the parking lot at Redstone and drove the end loops, drove to the other parking lot where she encountered a bus turning in, turned and parked. I think it went well. I think we’ll do another parking lot and then take a route down county line to Fly’n B, back to Lucent and then right toward home.

Hannah is busy working on a project for a K12 STEM contest, as soon as she’s done I’ll put the video of her invention on here. Her idea is for a cook book for kids where the measuring items are color coded and the recipes show only pictures.

I did not want to go to the gym this morning, but I did anyway. Maybe one week of morning gym session on T, Th, F, Sa, Su will make it feel like I’m supposed to be doing it. On the good side, NIA class is tomorrow morning and that IS a good thing.


These are the mittens that I finished last night, I made them out of a sweater. I also got some arm warmers out of the deal. This was my first time making these, next time I will stitch them inside out.

Hannah decided to wear her pirate moustache for school. Pretty sure that in ‘real school’ this wouldn’t fly.

Bethany made this for English –

After school we went to the ortho, then back home to wait for some guests to arrive. We’re taking them to the rec center for Bethany’s sweet 16 DJ dance party. It should be cool, we have an awesome play list, cake, pizza, coke and lots of teens coming, and a sleepover after that, so…sigh, long night ahead.


Bethany did a slide presentation for Geography here. Worked on Green design notes, an English presentation, and Biology. Grace finished her unit test of scatter plots, direct variation, linear and non-linear graphs and so on. Hannah did some math, vocabulary and spelling. We’ve got a lot of videos and books from the library this week to work through and tomorrow is Bethany’s dance party.

Not a lot going on besides school today and tomorrow. James and I have been going to the gym every night, even when we don’t want to. It’s been good though, my knee feels better – it still hurts, but not as much as it did. Getting back to NIA has been good too, we won’t be doing worship dance this session because we’d miss two of the days and that isn’t fair to the teachers or other kids. Hannah and Grace were sad to hear that, but we’ll be back in the Fall.


School commenced. Bethany is doing rotations and dilations in math and had to do a hand drawn tessellation, plus we found a computer program to do a really easy tessellation here. She did some biology and criminology. Hannah used her new calculator for math, some of the questions were just the equation and not the answer, so she made up some more problems to do. She took her Literature test and read some more of Little House on the Prairie. Grace was working on scatter plots and reading.

It was a stay home day, so after school we watched TV and pretty much did nothing. Tonight we’re going to hear former traffic reporter Amelia Earhart talk about her real trip around the world following in her namesakes footsteps.



We went to NIA, then did school. Bethany took her permit test and then we went to Krispy Kreme to celebrate. I made everyone bring their report cards, so each of the girls got 6 doughnuts. Then we took the cards to Chuck E. Cheeses and got report card tokens. Our outing for the night – the library.


Sometimes your kids do things and you just wonder….you wonder, did I make this child and try to raise them to be good? Did I try to instill some morals in them and fail? I know that I broke some rules when I was a kid, and I remember the consequences too. Don’t think I forgot about the summer of Astroworld and the stealing. Did I know it was wrong? Well, duh, yes I did. Was I sorry when I got caught? Well….I was sorry that I got caught, I was sad to see my Astroworld card get shredded by the entertainment police, but I didn’t understand how my parents felt. Did you know Joel started smoking? Someone at work told him he’d lose weight faster. Now that he’s juicing he says that he quit and he wasn’t smoking for that long, but still. But that’s not the child I want to talk about. It’s Hannah. Hannah has a problem, she’s a baby, last child, and used to getting her way. When she doesn’t get her way she can be very petty, but I never thought that she could be so malicious and mean to a person that she says is her friend. She went on her friend’s blog and made mean, nasty, evil commenst as though Hannah was someone else. Her friend was scared and didn’t know that it was Hannah commenting, although if she knew it was Hannah she would have still been scared. I think Hannah just wanted to be mean because she and her friend had a fight over something trivial, but she didn’t realize how this was going to go down. She upset her friend, her friend’s parents, her own parents and since the parents thought this random person was some kind of stalker, they called the police to report it. So, Hannah is in trouble. Her blog is gone, her Nook is gone, her computer is limited to school only and only when an adult is down there. She can’t call, e-mail or text her friend for the time being. I’m not sure what else to do, I know that she wasn’t trying to make an incident with this, but her deviousness stuns me. I know that she has heard about cyber-bullying through the on-line school, maybe that’s where she got the idea and thought that using a computer with a fake name made her anonymous? But apparently she didn’t get the other side of that message, that people go to jail for cyber crimes, so we are putting the fear of that into her, as well as other punishments. I hope that this, like my stealing, is a one time thing.


I went to NIA this morning and had a good workout. The girls started on school and did what they could, then I helped when I got back. Bethany has Green design and technology and Criminology as her electives this semester, interesting. After lunch we went to Solid Grounds for a co-op chat. I had three parents there looking for info about how co-ops work, things they can offer and how to put together a co-op. I found a cool field trip at the museum about mythical beasts and best of all…it’s free.

Back at home I helped Hannah start a blog, you can see it here. Then Grace and I headed to Boulder to hear the authors of Extreme Life of the Sea and get her book signed. More about that tomorrow.

Just a snow day

We talked to my Mom on Skype and then went sledding.

Walking up the hill was work! I left the girls at home and went to the tire store to get my tires siped, hope that will help with the snowy driving. It’s supposed to snow again tomorrow, so we might go to Hudson tonight to see the lights. Here’s a sledding video, enjoy!

NIA, Annie, The Hobbit, New Years Eve

NIA class was fun this morning, we danced to Holiday songs and my knees didn’t hurt afterward like they did on Monday. I got home and gathered the girls to go see the new Annie movie. It was so good. I used to think that there can be only one Annie movie, but there is room for this one.

The story was updated, the cast was amazing, the story and music were Annie and I cried. After lunch at Saj we went home and put up the Christmas decorations and nativity sets (the snowmen get to stay out until Spring.) Bethany got picked up by a friend to go see The Hobbit movie, he wanted to thank her for a game she gave him. Joel already saw the movie and said it was good and Andrew saw it a few weeks ago and didn’t mind seeing it again, so it must be good.

Tonight we party like it’s 2015, lights, fireworks, sparkling cider and staying up till midnight.

Driving in the snow

I managed to make it to NIA class this morning, even in the snow. It’s funny how it’s so easy to slip back into class after not going for a year. We danced to Holiday music and it was great. My knees were killing me afterward, but it was worth it. My goal is to go once a week, I just can’t spare the time twice a week because it runs into school time – but this week I will go on Wed. too.

Since it is snowing, I feel compelled to tell people how to drive in the snow. We go through this every year, people forget how to drive in the snow. Go slow. Green does not mean go, it means watch out for that person who couldn’t stop at their red light. Going downhill on a curve? Slow down or you’ll slip right over to whichever side the curve in the road is going. Shovel your driveway and sidewalk while the snow is falling, it’s lighter that way. Try not to stop uphill….and don’t park uphill either. But, if you get stuck and don’t have cat litter in the car you can take your car mats out of the car and flip them over and put them under your tires to get out (we’ve had to do that once.) Pack your car with water, a snow brush, shovel, litter, food bars, blanket and extra coats…..just in case. I really thought we were screwed when we got stuck in Nederland going to a park uphill in the snow, I had everything listed, but no cell phone service. I ended up backing down the hill and then revving back up to the parking lot. So…sometimes sheer force can help, but on urban streets – go slow.