The end of the week

Yesterday was a busy school day. Bethany started 10th grade and had to do some tests and go into each of her courses and gather information and send each teacher a note about herself. She has English, Biology, Geometry, Government, Driver’s ed, FYP (like homeroom and career counseling) and Computer (but we’re trying to get that switched out since we don’t have the correct software for the course.)

Grace and Hannah went to the pool by themselves, something I just started allowing. James and I went to the gym after dinner and we ended the evening with a Big Bang show.

Tomorrow it’s more of the same for school. We need to try to get a schedule going for Bethany and she has to work ahead because of the missed days while in CA. Grace, Hannah and I are going to swim in the chutes in the afternoon, a good break.

The Monday

This morning we crowded the coffee shop with 5 Moms and 14 kids, it was slightly chaotic. I remember now why I set up a co-op chat there, James works from home on Mondays now and 2 hours with 14 kids in the house is not conducive to working. I answered questions about how co-op works in our HS group, got lots of good questions and hopefully gave lots of good answers. I have a feeling this is going to be a busy co-op session.

After that we booked it over to Heritage square for a DDC event. The older kids went on the alpine slide, the younger ones stayed and did rides in the amusement area.

Bethany was the only girl that went on the mountain slide, the rest were daredevil boys. That squiggly white line on the hill is the slide. I rode that slide when I was a kid. Way back when, on a trip to Yellowstone, we stopped in Golden and spent the day riding the slide and walking around the old town. I remember it was pretty cool. The kids have never been on the slide, so this was a great idea for a get together (none of the kids that rode down the slide today had ever been on it.)

There they go.

None of them were sure that they’d like it, then I got a call from Karl (the Dad that went up with them) saying that everyone wanted to go again, figures. Then the older kids did some of the smaller rides.

We ended with a go-cart race; we kept yelling for them to go faster, Bethany claimed she couldn’t hear us and drove at a medium pace.

It turned out to be the perfect day to go to Heritage, sunny and not that crowded.

From there I dropped the girls at home and took Hannah to the library for Chinese class. Today there were learning body parts, big/small and making a dragon lantern. They sang the ‘head and shoulders’ song, but in Chinese ‘head’ is ‘tou’ which sounds like ‘toe’ (and no, ‘toe’ is not ‘head’ though that would be funny.) We got home and had TV dinners for the girls while James and I went out to P.F. Changs. It was okay, I have to say that our local Little Hollys has them beat for best tasting Chinese food.

Tomorrow looks great weather wise, we’re going to be shooting arrows and swimming at a lake with friends.


A good morning, followed by a picnic lunch and dessert at LM’s. It was nice and sunny, so the crowd was out for ice cream.

We had malt whopper, salted Oreo X 2, salted caramel peanut butter cup and a vanilla shake.

We went back home and watched a bit of North by Northwest, it’s such a good movie. We wanted to go to the new exhibit opening at the MOA and decided that Grandma might like it.

They were serving Wahoo’s tacos for dinner and these cute cake ball cones.

Grandma was confused by the art, it’s modern, abstract and contemporary – yikes!

She kept asking what the stuff on the walls was….art?

Finally she gave up and just looked at stuff.

We stopped at Solid Grounds for coffee instead of having it at home and then bought more hearing aid batteries (want to make a bazillion dollars? Invest in hearing aid batteries, they last like a day before you have to change them out.) We dropped Grandma off at home and made it home before dusk. Mission accomplished.

DSL on the fritz

Because of the ‘rain’ our Internet is out until Tuesday (I’m posting this at Starbucks, so it’s not all bad….) Not that we haven’t had rain, but it was also out on Monday and James suspects that the current issue is a password issue and not a DSL issue, but then we don’t work for Century link, so there.

So, I am going to recycle some posts for the next few days. If you think, hey I’ve read that before! You probably have.

A few ballet scenes from “Peter & the Wolf”

It has been a hectic end of the year at the dance studio followed by big family reunion for my dad’s birthday with an added dash of renters moving without paying several months rent. I am just now feeling like I have caught up to myself.  To get back into the swing of the old blog here are some scenes from the recital show “Peter & the Wolf.”  Thomas was Peter.

Peter & the bird

Peter & the bird

This year was the first year for the studio to have a partnering class. It’s really the first year they have had boys tall and strong enough to think about doing more than very basic partnering. The young lady is “The Bird”.  This is Thomas & Ariel’s first onstage “catch”. Sorry I don’t know the correct terms. It is very cool to see this after so many years of classes. Makes a momma proud!

Thomas & Ariel (the Bird)

Thomas & Ariel (the Bird)


This was part of their dance. The same dance as the above picture though I cannot remember which came first.

There’s more pictures but I have yet to find where I downloaded them to the computer. If I can get some of the clips of the show downloaded from facebook I’d like to post those too.

Do nothing day

Sort of. James and I had coffee and breakfast at Mod Market, they have good green chile there. We came back, got the girls, went by the phone store, then headed to the park for a picnic lunch. We took James to deKovend park and showed him the creek, the chimes and the playground. Then we went to LM’s for ice cream. We had honey, salted oreo, salted peanut butter cup, butterscotch, and something new – peanut butter cookies with chocolate ice cream….their version of an ice cream sandwich….it was very good. Back at home we watched some TV, played with friends and grilled for dinner.

Wax resist paintings.

2014-06-11 17.46.21

We did a great art project this week. We drew space and underwater scenes with oil pastels and then painted over them with watercolors. The oily pastels resist the water-based paint, creating a really cool effect.

(Incidentally, this site is a fantastic resource for art projects. This is where I got the idea to use oil pastels instead of crayons to create the wax resist.)

2014-06-11 10.46.11

2014-06-11 17.46.44
Colin’s underwater scene.

2014-06-11 10.45.58
Alex’s and mine.


Bethany was hard at work today finishing up school for the semester. She did a brochure for English, you can see it here. She is finished with everything except for one last science test that she’ll take tomorrow. Grace and Hannah are in slow summer school, I’ll be making a schedule that has what they are going to be doing every day, plus our library events, co-op classes, camping trips and a visit from my Mom.

I have 7 library books that I’m trying to go through, so far I’m down 1 1/2 and they have been good reads. Tomorrow is park day, yay!








We’re in Wyoming for the weekend, back to regularly scheduled programming Tuesday!

eat your sea vegetables

since our journey to the yurt, and since having wifi agian, there have been some things that i needed to look up online that i didn’t have a chance to look up at the yurt. one of those things is dulse. we ate it in an incredible salad and it added an amazing salty taste.

just how many of you eat it? how many of you should? all of you. i can’t wait to get my hands on some more.