DSL on the fritz

Because of the ‘rain’ our Internet is out until Tuesday (I’m posting this at Starbucks, so it’s not all bad….) Not that we haven’t had rain, but it was also out on Monday and James suspects that the current issue is a password issue and not a DSL issue, but then we don’t work for Century link, so there.

So, I am going to recycle some posts for the next few days. If you think, hey I’ve read that before! You probably have.

A few ballet scenes from “Peter & the Wolf”

It has been a hectic end of the year at the dance studio followed by big family reunion for my dad’s birthday with an added dash of renters moving without paying several months rent. I am just now feeling like I have caught up to myself.  To get back into the swing of the old blog here are some scenes from the recital show “Peter & the Wolf.”  Thomas was Peter.

Peter & the bird

Peter & the bird

This year was the first year for the studio to have a partnering class. It’s really the first year they have had boys tall and strong enough to think about doing more than very basic partnering. The young lady is “The Bird”.  This is Thomas & Ariel’s first onstage “catch”. Sorry I don’t know the correct terms. It is very cool to see this after so many years of classes. Makes a momma proud!

Thomas & Ariel (the Bird)

Thomas & Ariel (the Bird)


This was part of their dance. The same dance as the above picture though I cannot remember which came first.

There’s more pictures but I have yet to find where I downloaded them to the computer. If I can get some of the clips of the show downloaded from facebook I’d like to post those too.

Do nothing day

Sort of. James and I had coffee and breakfast at Mod Market, they have good green chile there. We came back, got the girls, went by the phone store, then headed to the park for a picnic lunch. We took James to deKovend park and showed him the creek, the chimes and the playground. Then we went to LM’s for ice cream. We had honey, salted oreo, salted peanut butter cup, butterscotch, and something new – peanut butter cookies with chocolate ice cream….their version of an ice cream sandwich….it was very good. Back at home we watched some TV, played with friends and grilled for dinner.

Wax resist paintings.

2014-06-11 17.46.21

We did a great art project this week. We drew space and underwater scenes with oil pastels and then painted over them with watercolors. The oily pastels resist the water-based paint, creating a really cool effect.

(Incidentally, this site is a fantastic resource for art projects. This is where I got the idea to use oil pastels instead of crayons to create the wax resist.)

2014-06-11 10.46.11

2014-06-11 17.46.44
Colin’s underwater scene.

2014-06-11 10.45.58
Alex’s and mine.


Bethany was hard at work today finishing up school for the semester. She did a brochure for English, you can see it here. She is finished with everything except for one last science test that she’ll take tomorrow. Grace and Hannah are in slow summer school, I’ll be making a schedule that has what they are going to be doing every day, plus our library events, co-op classes, camping trips and a visit from my Mom.

I have 7 library books that I’m trying to go through, so far I’m down 1 1/2 and they have been good reads. Tomorrow is park day, yay!








We’re in Wyoming for the weekend, back to regularly scheduled programming Tuesday!

eat your sea vegetables

since our journey to the yurt, and since having wifi agian, there have been some things that i needed to look up online that i didn’t have a chance to look up at the yurt. one of those things is dulse. we ate it in an incredible salad and it added an amazing salty taste.

just how many of you eat it? how many of you should? all of you. i can’t wait to get my hands on some more.

Strawberries, Blueberries, Almond milk and Friendship

Strawberries, Blueberries, Almond Milk, and Friends

These were the ingredients of life last week. Life-sized-big-as-your-head popsicles that is. While Yurt-ing it and gardening, our young Quebec friends invented a popsicle created from a Vitamix smoothie frozen in a plastic 12 oz cup sporting a chop stick handle. From there, all sorts of creations came out of the freezer to the garden lit up by friendship.

As for us, Quebec Spring is the inspiring concoctions experienced through avocado dressed dandelion salads, stingy nettle smoothies, and wild garlic leaf and algae salads. Freshly fermented vegetables from last summer’s bounty in tall glass ball mason jars. Spring came to us in a flash while working in the garden preparing beds for amazing sprouted plants including many varieties of kale and collards, carrots, and budding friendships.


After church we went to Chatfield to eat lunch. The water was cold, but Grace and Hannah said they want to go swimming later in the week, I’m sure it’s about the high 60′s right now and it will probably be the same later in the week, but I’m game.

I took Hannah to get her hair cut while the others went to buy her a birthday present. The lady at the salon chided Hannah for not washing her hair every day (she washed it this morning, but I think the last time she washed it might have been over a week ago.) She detangled the dreds (they weren’t that bad) and cut 5 inches off. I’ll be getting some pre-birthday pics tomorrow, it’s cute. Hannah is my earthy child (we don’t call people hippies anymore I guess.) If she could camp outside, bathe in a river and not wash her hair for a month, she’d be a happy camper (no pun intended.) However, social convention dictates that she live in a house, bathe in a tub (with soap) and wash her hair….a little more frequently. She can’t wait to go camping at the end of next month, in a tent, next to a river, with no soap available.


All I heard this morning was, ‘When can we go sledding?’ ‘Now…now? How about now?’ We usually wait for it to stop snowing before we head out. Hannah saw a gleam of sun and declared it was time to go. We didn’t get down the street before it started snowing again, it was near blizzard conditions by the time we got to the sledding hill (10 minutes away.)

She still wanted to sled, so I grabbed a blanket to put over my head (I had forgotten my hat) and we stayed out for about 30 minutes.

We grabbed stuff at the store for dinner (chili) and then headed home. This week is pretty full: ortho appt., swimming at Apex, youth group, drum circle, a meeting for Bethany, park day, art at the library, TNO, lunch with Lola and a doc appt. for me and the Five points jazz festival. There isn’t much school this week, which is good. I also made a list of dinners and bought the stuff for them: beans and sausage, chicken and sausage jambalaya, meatball sandwiches and the chili for tonight.