Moving On Soon

I got notice last week that will be closing down and I’ll have to move my blog to somewhere new.

I’ve begun transferring it over to WordPress, but the blog name Magic and Mayhem is taken and there are a million little things going wrong.  So in the meantime, I will blog here, and when I have the time and energy I’ll do my best to set up the new one for when I’m out of time to post here any longer.

I’ll be sure to post the new address and give lots of notice once I get it just a little less messed up over there.  :)



This blog address is moving, things are getting packed up on here and headed over to this site: this colorado adventure. (

Thanks to homeschool journal for hosting my blog on their site for so long, since 2007!


…. it’s looking like it’s time to move.

Many, many thanks to Ron and Andrea for the years of hard work and dedication to the homeschool journal site. You guys are awesome.

You can now find Woodstone Prairie here:

Please come and visit me there.


NIA! Then some school and Bethany went to test. I found the coolest thing ever the ultimate US road trip, check it out here.


Looks cool, maybe one day.


We had to work in the 2′s room this morning and the lesson was on the Good Samaritan. We watched the lesson, played a game with the doctor bag and then went around the room putting bandaids on pictures of a wounded man. Each kid made a little baggie with a cotton ball, bandaid, candy and sticker in it. I think the candy was to remind you to be sweet to people.

After lunch I Skyped with my Mom, Aunt and Tony. I showed them around the house and the Internet bombed on me as soon as we were done with the basement. I don’t know why it was so wonky yesterday. We had some down time and then we went to a co-op on Middle Eastern culture. The girls tried some belly dancing and we saw Addie’s costume for dance.

We listened to music and tried lots of food from tabbouleh to these swiss chard, onion, spinach things wrapped in filo and fried in a skillet.

We found out that sumac is an ingredient that is used a lot (we have wild sumac with red berries growing here, the white berry sumac is poisonous), we tried our hand at Arabic writing, looked at recipes and had fun.

I brought home 2 more kids than I left with and then James and I went to TNO. We had a good dinner at Whole foods and some chat time, then it was back home to go to sleep. We missed our gym time, but that was okay.

The week – Bethany is testing, eye doc appointment, ortho appointment, SpongeBob movie, Into the Woods movie, youth group, hike? James may have to go to DC for work this weekend, so who knows what we’re doing.

Wed, Thur, Fri

It was so nice to go to NIA class on Wed. morning. I missed that. If there is one thing I would tell NCL to add to their ship gyms it would be to get rid of the yoga and add in NIA classes.

It was such a pretty day that we put a park day up and met a friend there to play. When we got home Hannah checked the mail for her science kit. I had an e-mail that said it was delivered, but it wasn’t on the porch, so she went to the mail box to check for it. When she opened it she had the saddest face ever, all that was inside was math pages. I assumed that the package was the kit and forgot that they were also mailing some math pages that we don’t have, oops.

Thursday was an at home day, NIA, school, gym and a massage from the Whole foods lady for me and Grace. Then, gym again after dinner. Friday was homeschool skate and the girls worked up a sweat skating for almost 2 hours. There were a lot of people there from our group, so we handed out souvenirs and had a good time chatting. Back at home we scanned in Bethany’s National Honor Society application and sent it in, we got the news while on vacation that she was invited to apply. Then I went to the gym, again, and then back home to cook dinner. After dinner, gym again.

This weekend – Duck, duck, dupe, taxes, Middle east co-op, TNO, church = busy!


We woke up early, drove to the airport, returned the car and checked in. Our flight got into a sunny Denver at 1 pm. Back at home all the fish were alive (yay!) and so was Zoey (boo!) We went to pick up Maisy, who had been getting the princess treatment at Heather’s house (sleeping in a people bed…tsk, tsk.) She recognized us at once and went crazy jumping up and down and licking us. We unpacked, put away our treasures and threw some laundry on. James and I went to the gym, that felt good, and we had a good night of sleep. It’s good to be home.

Some scenes

From our trip, in no particular order. We are in Galveston for one more day, then…..HOME!


I had an awesome NIA class, helped facilitate some learning and then took Grace and Hannah to Presentation club where we heard about – cheese, Extreme Life of the Sea, Puppy Powers, New Horizons probe, history of Lego people, what is inside a computer and what do the parts do and how to make a fleece no sew pillow. I’m making lentil soup for dinner to counteract the cold outside. Maisy is flopped on the couch sighing, the girls are playing LPS and drawing and I want to take a nap.

It was a nice day.

Bring it!